Measuring time in Uku is optional, but it gives you an overview of the time spent on the work. Use Uku to measure, forecast, enter, and display time spent on the work.

Uku lets you measure time with just a click and allows you to make changes later. Use these time calculation options to get an overview of the time spent on the work!

  • Using the timer

Press “Start Timer” to start the work, and “Stop Timer” at the end of the work.

If you want to continue working, press the timer again. Multiple time entries can be added to one task. Time entries entered using the timer can be adjusted later. 

  • Manual entry

If you enter the work later, enter the time spent manually. By entering the duration of the task in minutes, Uku will calculate a time earlier than the entered time as the start time of the work.

In the Duration line, enter the time in minutes; for example, 90 minutes = 1h 30min 

If you know when work started and ended, fill in the “Start” and “End” fields and Uku will calculate the duration of the work for you! By going to the “Start” field, the system will automatically suggest the end time of the last entered work as the start time of the work.

  • Estimation

If you know in advance how long the task will take, you should enter the estimated task time in advance in the template. Under the company account, you can specify that if a task is marked as completed without adding time, Uku will take the estimated time as the time it took to complete the task.

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