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How to add time to multiple tasks at once?
How to add time to multiple tasks at once?

Enter time for several tasks

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Entering time for several tasks is helpful if you do the same short task for several clients. Instead of clicking the stopwatch, entering time for multiple tasks is more convenient.

There are two ways to enter time for several tasks in Uku:

  1. Enter the selected time for multiple tasks.

  2. Divide time equally between tasks.

How to enter time for multiple tasks at once?

Select the desired tasks with the bulk tool to enter time for several tasks at once.

Then click on the start time icon and add time. You can add time either as a start and end or by duration.

Uku adds time to all the tasks you selected.

However, if you want to divide the entered time equally between different tasks, add a tick to the "Split time equally" box.

Uku divides the time you entered equally between them.

You can also perform these same actions in the client's view.

Tip: If you filter your desktop by topics adding time is quick and easy.

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