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Uku in English
Uku in English

How to set up and use Uku effectively

Task settingsModify tasks as needed
What are custom fields and how to use them?Keep count on entered lines, workers etc.
Deleting and archiving a custom fieldKeep your custom fields list up-to-date
Task statusesHow to filter tasks by status
How to add a task?Adding a task in Uku is quick and easy. You can enter a lot of useful information as well.
How to delete a task?Delete a task from your dashboard
How to add a recurring task?Add a recurring task to your client's task plan, so you don't have to re-enter the task.
How to set a recurrence for a task?It is worth setting up all the work done periodically as repeat tasks so that no work is forgotten.
How to delete a recurring task?Remove recurring tasks from your dashboard and the client's task plan.
How to add templates?Thinking through and creating templates that meet your needs is a crucial step for a smooth workflow.
Using task dependenciesMake one or more tasks dependent on each other
Time measurement settingsSet the time measurement settings.
How to measure time?Measure the work time spent on work in a way that suits you!
How to set a due date?
How to postpone tasks?Change the deadline for a task
How to mark extra work?Separate regular tasks from extra work.
How to mark tasks as important?Separate tasks with higher priority from others
How to follow tasks?Keep an eye on colleagues' tasks.
Magic buttons
How to group tasks?Sort tasks on the dashboard
How to monitor task status using custom fields?
How to add time to multiple tasks at once?Enter time for several tasks
How to change the order of tasks on the dashboard?Re-order tasks.
Follow a task
How to use time estimation?Set the time that the task is likely to take.