To make your work more comfortable, you can set up tasks according to your needs. You can find the task settings by selecting "App store" from the main menu and clicking on the "Tasks" box.

Select "Settings" from the top menu.

Set the estimation as the time, if the exact value is not entered

You can set estimation for each task. Sometimes employees forget to track time for tasks. When an estimation has been set, Uku will automatically add the estimation as the time spent on the task.

The checklist must be completed to finish the task.

In the case of extensive tasks, it is a good idea to include a checklist. This way, you can write down all the stages of the task, and it is necessary to check all the stages to mark the task as completed.

Disable topic management for members

To keep the report consistent, it is a good idea for the employer to add the topics themselves and to disallow members, i.e., employees, from adding topics. Employees must select a topic that has already been created, and the data is consistent in the report.

Disable time edit for members

Employees can only measure time directly with a stopwatch and not edit entries afterward.

Disable Uku's task templates

If you want employees to use only company-generated task templates rather than those that Uku automatically generates, you can hide Uku's task plans. That way, it won't happen that an employee accidentally selects the wrong plan.

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