To add a new task you need to press '+Task' button in the header or ALT+N on your keyboard. 

A new modal will pop up where you can enter the details of the task:

Start by inserting a name for the task to make it easier to find. Next choose a client. Client list includes your company account and your private account. When you mark yourself as a client you'll be the only one to see that task.

If you work with a team it's possible to choose to make this task for several people or for someone else by selecting them from users list. By default a task is assigned to you.

Start date is set for today but you can also add a due date, time and recurrence:

After that the task is ready to be added but you can also add more information.


Checklist - add all the small steps that need to be done before the task is complete.

If you have more information to add, press 'Description' and a field appears:

TIP: Both Checklist and Description can recognize a website link and make it clickable for easy navigation.

Topic is used to group similar tasks together and make it easier to sort certain tasks out. Every account has its own set of topics but it's always possible to add new topics. You cannot delete a topic after it's used by some task.

You can also add a time estimation to your task. It makes planning your days easier and can also be set as used time if stopper was not used. You can choose estimation from dropdown, but once called out, the field can also be modified:

It is possible to mark this task as an extra work. Extra work shows separately in the report and lets you to mark tasks that are done outside the agreed package.

Another option is to mark it as a very important work. Flagged task will be easier to notice and to sort out.

TIP for quick adding: You can also just open a new task and press 'Play' on timer. Timer will run and you can add all the details later. That is especially handy when receiving an urgent call. You'll find that task as [Not defined] on your dashboard.

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