How to add a task?

Adding a task in Uku is quick and easy. You can enter a lot of useful information as well.

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A task can be added in any view in Uku by pressing the '+' button in the header.

The fields Title, Client, Member, and Start/Due Date are mandatory to enter a task.

The title should briefly and concisely describe what the job is. A good title will help you to find the task more easily later on and will facilitate a quick overview of the list of tasks.

The client is the company (or project) for which the specific work is done. You can also choose yourself as the client - in this case, it is a personal assignment not visible to others.

There can be one or more members, i.e., people doing the work. The system proposes the creator of the task as the user.

Start/Due Date - the start time is when the task will be displayed in the task list. The due date is the date by which the task must be completed. The start time is also the default deadline if no deadline is specified. In addition, you can assign a recurrence - in this case, the task is included in the client's recurring task list.

You can also differentiate extra work and important tasks. Pressing "+" will mark the task as extra work, and pressing the flag will mark it as important.

The Topic button is in the right-hand menu. Topics link a task to a specific area. This allows tasks with different titles to be grouped later and easier to find.

A description allows you to add more information about the task. For example, copy a job request from a customer or leave a manual for your substitute. The web addresses entered there are automatically converted into links, allowing faster navigation.

Enter an estimation if you know how long the task will probably take. Predicting the time will help you plan your work better later.

You can find custom fields added to your company account under the "Custom fields" button.

If you enter a job afterward, you can also enter the time spent immediately and mark the job as done right away instead of pressing the "Add" button. If, on the other hand, you enter the task immediately, you can put the stopwatch to work instead of pressing the "Add" button.

This completes the mandatory data, but you can add more data to the task.

The checklist is handy to use when the task consists of smaller subtasks. All the necessary steps can be written down and marked as completed one by one. This makes it easy to track what has been done and what needs to be done.

You can enable the checklist to be ticked from the company account settings before a task can be marked as completed. To do this, select "Settings &Apps" from the main menu.

Then click on the your company's app.

Then select "Settings" from the top menu. If you want the checklist to be completed before you mark the task as done, click the grey button before the checklist option.

Magic Buttons

If, for example, an urgent task comes in over the phone, you can use the magic button option. To do this, move the mouse to the "+" button in the header, and the magic button menu will open. Select the appropriate option.

The task will start running immediately, and you can fine-tune the details when you're done with the call. Then mark the task as done. The task you worked on will appear the same way under the quick options.

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