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Client settings and contact roles
Client settings and contact roles
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Before entering clients into Uku, set the appropriate parameters in the Settings & Apps.

By selecting "Clients" in the "Settings & Apps" and then Contact Roles, you can create and manage contact roles and restrict the rights of members related to customers.

Contact roles

Contact roles help you find the right person when dealing with a client. The company can add and assign roles as it wishes. If the roles have been set up in the App Store, adding a contact to the customer profile can determine their role. Multiple roles can also be selected for one contact.

The role of the contact is displayed on the client profile and in the client overview.

Select "Clients" from the main menu and click on the pencil icon next to the client's name.

Contact roles in the Email App

If roles are added to contacts, it is much easier to use the email app. When creating the email template, Uku will automatically select the correct person's address from the customer profile if you set the contact role as the email recipient.

While sending a letter can choose from all the roles added, it doesn't mean every client must have all the roles filled. If this customer has yet to assign anyone to the selected role, Uku will select the client's first contact as the letter recipient.

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