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How to send automatic emails from Uku?
How to send automatic emails from Uku?

Automate recurring emails.

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Set up automation rules, and Uku will make sure that all reminders and other emails reach the recipients at the right time.

Before you can start automating letters, you need to activate and set up the Emails app. To further increase efficiency, we recommend creating email templates.

You can set up email automation on a task by attaching emails to recurring tasks.

How to add an email to a task template or client work plan?

  1. Open a task template or client's task plan where you want to add an automatic email.

  2. Open the task where you want to send automated emails.

  3. Click on the envelope icon.

  4. Add a sender and recipient.

  5. Set up automation rules. In the purple section under the content, set the automation rules. You can choose how many days before or after the start date, deadline, or completion of the task you want Uku to send the letter.

  6. When you have inserted all the information, press "Add automation".

  7. You can see the prepared letter in the automation block. You can also change and delete it here.

  8. Click on "Save a recurring task".

  9. On a client communication timeline you can have an overview of planned and sent emails.

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