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How to send emails to a client from Uku?
How to send emails to a client from Uku?

Send emails directly from Uku.

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To send an email from Uku, open a client's task you want to send a letter. Click on an envelope icon, and the view to send a letter will open.

You can choose the sender's address from the drop-down menu. The choice depends on which email addresses you have configured.

You can manually enter the recipient's email or select from the client's contact roles. When you choose a role, Uku will send the email to a corresponding client contact email address.

Enter the subject and body, or select a template.

Five buttons make sending emails from Uku easy and fast:

  1. Add a template - Save time with pre-saved templates instead of writing letters from scratch. Click on the document icon, and you can pick a template. If you select a template, Uku replaces the subject and content with that of the template. If you still want to change the email, click on the "Edit email" link in the lower right corner. Changing the letter does not change the template.

  2. Add automation - It's good to add emails to be sent automatically to repetitive tasks. When automating, you can choose whether sending a letter depends on the task's start date, deadline, or status. You can also specify whether the letter will be sent immediately or 1-3 days before or after the specified time. Uku sends the email on a specified date at 8 a.m. (sender's time zone).

  3. Add a placeholder - When you add a variable, Uku automatically replaces it with the corresponding value upon sending. That way, for example, you don't have to remember the name of the customer's contact. Uku finds the correct information for you.

  4. Format text - The format options include the following tools: bold, italic, underline, lists, and alignment.

  5. Add an attachment - You can also add an attachment to the letter.

Send - press the button "Send" or "Add automation" if you have set the automation.

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