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How to activate and set up the Flextime app?
How to activate and set up the Flextime app?

Get an overview of your team's working hours, overtime, and vacation balance.

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The Flextime app allows you to conveniently manage the team's work and overtime, get an overview of vacations and their balance, and download a report for accounting with one click.

How to set up the Flextime app?

  1. Open the Flextime app in Settings.

  2. Press the "Activate" button and confirm.

  3. Set the daily and weekly working hours under the settings.

By default, Uku sets weekly working hours to 40 and daily hours to 8. The Flextime calculation starts 1st of January in the previous calendar year.

If needed, you can change the default settings on the settings tab.

  • Set the Flextime's start and end date (NB! The end date does not have to be selected).

  • Choose whether the calculation is weekly or monthly (at the end of this period, the admin must approve the time entries logged by the employees).

  • Set the standard number of working hours per week.

  • Enter the length of the agreed working day. Uku calculates holidays and total working hours based on it.

  • If necessary, activate settings that consider weekends as working hours and Consider public holidays as working hours.

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