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Getting started with Uku - for the member
Getting started with Uku - for the member

Get an overview of your own work and measure the time you spend on it!

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We are delighted that you have joined Uku and we want to help you to ensure that your work is done on time and that there is order in your workdays. 

Uku helps you get a better overview of the work directed to you and to measure the time spent on the work. Forget heaps of emails, lost post-its, and navigation in Excel! Start using Uku by following the steps below.

If you haven't already joined Uku, it only takes a minute to create an account.

1. Add clients

Depending on the number of customers, they can be added individually or by using CSV import for a larger customer base. 

Under the client profile you can add the necessary notes and documents so that all client-related information is in one place and visible to all employees connected to the client. 

2. Create a client recurring task plan

After adding a customer, the next step is to create a task plan that outlines the tasks that need to be performed for the customer. To make your life easier, Uku has 4 templates developed by accountants that you can use as a basis. 

Before approving a task plan, review each task separately, to make sure that the task checklist and start-time and deadlines for the work are suitable.

Don't worry; everything can be changed later!

3. Manage your tasks on the dashboard

Uku is your smart assistant, creating tasks planned for the day on the dashboard from the customer's work schedule. You will also find one-off tasks on your dashboard. 

Uku will remind you when a task is overdue. If you are unable to complete the planned task today, you can easily postpone the task to a day when you will be able to do it. This way you manage your tasks efficiently and have control over your work. 

On the Uku dashboard calendar, you'll see a weekly list of tasks, with payment deadlines and other important information that is relevant to your work. 

4. Track your work time

Measure the time spent on work and forget about reporting your work time later, as all the necessary information is stored in Uku. For each task, you can conveniently measure work time by using a timer or by entering the time manually. Entering the time afterward and making subsequent adjustments has been made very easy for you. See the report for a detailed overview of the times you entered.

Congratulations! You've taken the first steps to getting started with Uku. Now you can add your customers, start performing tasks and measure the time you spend on them.

We are always there for you. For more information, visit our Help Centre or feel free to contact us via the chat window if you have any questions! 

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