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You can set up the company account according to your needs. One user can also have several business accounts. For example, create separate accounts for branches in different cities, which you can configure differently.

To set up a company account, select the Settings menu and the business whose settings you want to change from the top edge. Then select EDIT.

In addition to the company's basic information, you can also find a settings block on the account data change page, which you can change according to your needs.

Task settings

Disable Uku's task templates
Enables Uku's plans and leaves visible only your companies plans.

​Set the estimation as the time, if the exact value is not entered

Each task can be assigned an estimated time. Sometimes you forget to track time for a task. In this case, the estimated time is set as the time.

Checklist must be completed to finish the task

It is reasonable to add a checklist for large tasks. This way, all stages can be written under the task, and the task can be marked as done only when all the stages have been ticked off.

Disable topic management for members

To keep a uniform line in the report, it is good for the employer to add the topics of the tasks themselves and to prohibit other members from adding them. This way, employees have to choose from among the topics already added by the administrator.

Disable time edit for members

Turn on this option if you want employees to measure time only with a stopwatch and not to change time entries afterward.

Allow time entries in future

Allows members making time entries in the future, like adding an end time before the event has ended.

Lock time entries
Locks time entries for users, admins can still change time entries.
You can select between 2 options:
Lock time entries weekly- at 23:59 every Sunday
Lock time entries monthly- at 23:59 on the last day of the month.

Client settings

Disable adding new clients for members

To ensure that all customer profiles are filled in correctly and that some customers are not created twice, it would be good if only administrators had this right.

Only administrators can edit documents

To make maintaining a uniform line in the company easier, you can deny the normal user from editing documents. It also eliminates overwriting documents.

Owner settings

Prevent members from changing company settings

Only the owner can change company settings. Otherwise, administrators can also change the settings.

Prevent members from adding personal clients.

None of the members can add clients under their personal accounts. Neither can you add time entries to a personal account. When this setting is active, tasks and time entries from the personal account will be hidden.

The above settings help keep the company's account in order and correct.

What is set up under the company account applies to all clients, tasks, and templates created under the company.

In addition to the general settings of the company account, it is also worth setting up the Apps you use. You can read about the different App settings here:

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