Make a work plan that suits the customer so that all the work is written down correctly.

Once you have added the customer to the Uku system, entered both the contact person and the user, if necessary, and reviewed the customer's settings, you can quickly move on to preparing the customer's work plan.

There are 3 ways to create a work plan:

  • choose a template developed by accountants, considering the size of the company 

  • choose an existing template based on an existing customer plan 

  • create a new template according to the business needs

After selecting a suitable template or an existing customer plan, it is time to review the pre-entered information and, if necessary, add or remove tasks. 

Before approving a task plan, it is a good idea to go through each task and check that the task titles and checklists are correct. The user assigned to the task can also be changed here. Also, check if the start time and deadline are correct. 

Once the content of the tasks has been adapted to your business, it is time to approve the work plan. Then, documents, contracts, and notes related to that customer can be added to the customer profile, which will be visible to all users under that customer profile. 

A good tip! To streamline in-house workflows, you can add the templates that you create to a company account for use by all employees.

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