Which plan to choose?

The functionalities of Solo, Team, and Enterprise plans.

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Try before you buy!

When trying out a new program, it is crucial to ensure it meets your needs. Therefore, we offer all new users of Uku the opportunity to get the Team Package for FREE for 14 days.

The 14-day trial period will apply to all members of the company's account from the day you added the company. All Uku Team package options are active for the trial period.

To continue using all of Uku's functionalities after the trial period ends, you need to add your payment card's data to the company's account. The first payment starts at the end of the 14-day trial period as an advance payment for the next month.

What options does Uku Solo have (free)?

The Uku Solo is for individual workers. It contains the necessary functions for more efficient working day organization.

Opportunities that Uku Solo plan user has:

  • One user - manage your time, tasks, and customers.

  • 25 clients

  • Unlimited tasks - add tasks according to your needs and wishes.

  • Task templates - use pre-made task plans.

  • Time tracking - measure the time spent on tasks using a stopwatch, and modify the time later if necessary.

  • Extensive reports - set up filters and display the work done and the time it took.

  • CRM - customer data, contracts, documents, and notes organized in one place.

  • Mini Uku (plugin) - manage tasks in your accounting program by inviting Uku's web-based interface.

NB! The Solo package applies only to a personal account. Do not create a company account if you want to use Uku for free.

What options does the Uku Team plan offer?

Uku Team is primarily for a professional team but can be used by an aspiring individual. It includes a range of features in addition to all Solo plan options.

Opportunities that Uku Team plan user has:

  • Billing - make the billing process faster with price lists and contracts.

  • Monitoring - a visual report overviews how profitable a client is.

  • E-mails (beta) - send customers e-mails directly from Uku and automate repeated reminders.

  • AML process - set up the client's money laundering prevention process and receive notifications about when the client's data needs updating.

  • E-mail server - send customers invoices from your company domain.

  • Integrations - connect Uku to your accounting software. Currently available - Merit Aktiva/360 Księgowość, Smart Accounts, e-conomic.

  • API - Export data from Uku quickly.

  • Teamwork - invite your team to join Uku and share tasks and client information.

  • Unlimited customers and customer imports - transfer your entire team to Uku. Instead of entering clients one by one, you can use CSV import for a large client base.

  • Company templates - create a task plan with recurring tasks according to your client's needs.

  • Magic buttons - Create a new task with one click and start measuring time.

  • Time estimation - simplify time measurement by estimating your time on a task. If a task does not have time entered, Uku enters the estimated time.

  • Sharing reports - export data to Excel or download PDF and send it to the client.

  • Extra work - distinguish extra work and track their time consumption separately. If necessary, provide an invoice for the additional work.

  • Mini Uku Personalization - Apply Mini Uku references to suit you so that the necessary websites are just one click away.

What options does Uku Enterprise offer?

The Enterprise package includes all of Uku's functionality. In addition to the Uku Team package, the Enterprise plan offers:

  • Different integrations - we are ready to consider your needs when creating new integrations.

  • Assisted customer import - we will help you import your clients to Uku.

  • Comprehensive team training - we will conduct training for the entire team taking into account the specifics of your company.

  • Access to pilot tools - Uku has features we are not ready to release. You have the opportunity to have a say in their development.

  • Pay by Invoice

  • Personal Customer Manager - a member of the Uku team who knows your company's specifics and helps you with various concerns.

  • Invitation to the Uku Managers Club - once a quarter, we hold a webinar where we introduce new features, answer questions, and listen to our most important clients' suggestions.

NB! The packages are company-based, and all users are added to the selected package.

If you have questions about the plans and options, please e-mail us at info@getuku.com. We happily help you choose the most suitable plan.

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