How to save a report?

If you often use the same filters in your report, it makes sense to save those options.

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The report is a great way to get a good overview of your work by various parameters. There are filters at the top of the report to see exactly what you need right now. If you use the same combination of filters frequently, save this setting.

First, you need to add filters by clicking on the "+" icon and selecting the ones you want the data fields to display. Once the report is fit for purpose, it is time to save it.

Click the save icon to save your report:

A window will appear where you can name and save the report. If you have already

saved at least one report, you will be prompted to create or overwrite an existing one.

It is also possible to save your most needed report as default view, and it will open every time you move to Report view. When saving the report, just tick the box next to the "Set as my default view".

You can find saved reports by navigating to the Report menu in the main menu.
The '#' symbol and bold font recognise the default report.

When you scroll to the name of the saved report, the trash can icon will appear, allowing you to delete the saved report.

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