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How to save an office-based report?
How to save an office-based report?
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Save time for yourself and your colleagues and save office-wide reports to keep track of the tasks. Bookmarks help you find the information you need quickly and always the same way.

Isn't it convenient to save a single report that is visible and accessible to every employee in the company? Company reports are a good way to create processes that every employee in the company can follow in the same way.

Saving a report in an office account is done the same way as saving a report the way you are accustomed to.

  1. Filter the view you want (for example, a to-do list for this month).” Save the report by clicking on the floppy disk icon.

  2. You can find saved reports by navigating to the Report icon in the Main Menu. 

Give the report a title and under the account, select the company where you want to save the report.

As you move to the name of the saved report, a trash can icon will appear, allowing you to delete the saved report if necessary.

To change the report, set new filters and click on the floppy disk again. Select “Change report” and then select the pre-recorded report you want to edit. When saved, the report updates according to the last set filters.

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