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How does monitoring work?
How does monitoring work?

Uku monitoring is the best way to monitor customer agreements and real workload

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How to set up monitoring?

  1. Select "Settings & Apps" from the main menu, and click on the "Monitoring" box.

  2. In the window that opens, select "Activate."

  3. From the main menu, select "Clients" and tick the clients you want to set up monitoring for. Click on the "Edit monitoring" button in the header.

  4. Enter the desired metric and, if necessary, the ± scale for each client to be monitored. Save the change.

For example, set: Total hours: 10 ± 2.

In this case, the monitoring will measure the 8-12h range. The report will display the result as follows:

  • If the result is 5h, 50% is displayed in green.

  • If the result is 10h, it will be displayed in black.

  • If the result is 15h, 150% will be displayed in red.

Follow the monitoring

Select "Monitoring" from the main menu.

The status of each client will be displayed in the report. Icons indicating whether the metrics monitored by the client are correct or should be investigated further:

  • Green - everything is according to plan.

  • Orange - there's room for improvement.

  • Red - workload has been overfilled.

Which data can be monitored?

The "Extra" and "Total" time entry fields are monitored by default. All custom fields with numbers can be added to monitoring. For the custom fields to be monitored, monitoring must be activated for each custom field.

Note: Only owner and admin members can add custom fields to the monitoring.

Modifying an additional field:

  1. Select "Settings & Apps" from the main menu and click on the "Tasks" box.

  2. Select "Custom Fields" from the top menu of the main menu.

  3. Click on the "+ ADD" icon to add a new custom field, or click on the pencil icon next to an existing custom field to edit it. NB only Number-type fields can be monitored.

  4. To display a custom field in the monitor, tick the "Monitor" checkbox in front of it. Save the change by selecting "Ok."

You can display or not display custom fields in monitoring by clicking on the table icon and ticking the required fields.

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