All client custom fields created under the company account are added to all client profiles.

To create company based client custom fields, choose:

1. Settings > Client settings > Edit

2. To add a new client custom field, press “+ NEW CUSTOM FIELD”. Mandatory fields are 'Title' and 'Field type'.

2.1 Enter the title(subject) of the additional field

2.2 Select the field type. You have the following options in the selection of additional field types:

  • Text - Notes or other text

  • Integer - Whole number

  • Number - Decimal number

  • Choice - List of predefined options where only one can be selected

  • Multiple choice - List of predefined options where multiple can be selected

  • Date - Specific date that is chosen from a drop-down calendar

  • User - List of active users where only one can be selected

  • Multiple user - List of active users where multiple can be selected

  • Yes/No - When chosen, it is Yes

2.3 Specify the group to which the added additional field belongs to. All additional fields without a title(subject) are grouped under the client profile, under the subject "Other information".

3. Go to the Edit Client information view to fill in the additional fields.

After successfully defining the additional client fields, it is time to save the additional information in the client profile.

To do this, select "Clients" from the main menu and press the stylus (pen symbol) at the end of the line to enter the information for the desired client. The client edit view opens, where you can now enter the information in predefined additional fields.

4. All information about the client is visible on the client's profile on the 'Overview' tab.

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