Uku allows a manager to be more aware of their company and manage projects. In order to get an overview of the employees and their work responsibilities in Uku, you need to create a company account.

Creating a company account is easy, and Uku has three ways to create one. A company account can be added when first signing up, under Settings, or when inviting users. The company account is free for the first 30 days.

1. Upon signing up

By signing up for Uku and noting that you play a leadership role at a company, you can add a company account right away. In this case, the 30-day trial period for your Company account will begin immediately.

2. Add a company account from Settings

If you didn't add an account when you signed up, you can do so later by going to “Company account” under “Settings”:

3. When inviting users

A company account is required to add a team, and if a company has not yet been added, it can also be done in the “Users” view. Learn more about adding users

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