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How to create invoices and send them out from Uku?
How to create invoices and send them out from Uku?
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After you have drawn up and approved your client agreement, you can get an overview of your current and past invoices on the "Billing" page.

Invoices for the current month

You can find the invoices in progress for the current month in the "In progress" menu in the header. There are 2 ways to create an invoice:

First option

  1. Open an invoice.

  2. Make the mandatory changes

  3. Click on "Create invoice."

The second option

  1. Select the desired clients' invoices in the invoice list

  2. Choose "Create" in the header

Invoices for the previous period

You can find the invoices for the previous period in the "" tab in the header.

In case there are:

  • Changes to the customer contract; or

  • Additional work has been done at the end of the period and has yet to be invoiced.

Add ticks in front of the client's name and select "Recalculate" in the header. Doing this for several invoices at once may take a few moments.

Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, generate the invoices. You can do it one-by-one or with a multitool by ticking the checkbox in front of the corresponding client.

You will find the compiled invoices in the following "Created" tab.

To send the invoices out, tick the invoices and send them to the clients by clicking on the "Send" button. If you want invoices to go to your clients from your domain, set up your email address via the App Store.

In addition to emailing the invoice to the customer, you can export invoices from Uku to an accounting program or Excel. Invoices can also be canceled.

Canceling an invoice

To cancel an invoice, tick the invoice in the invoice list or open the invoice and cancel it.

Canceled invoices are not returned to work but are moved to the "Cancelled" invoices tab.

If you want to restore the invoice, uncheck it in the list or restore it from an open invoice. The restored invoice will move to either the "Approval" or "Created" invoices menu, depending on the period.

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