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Getting started with Tripletex

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Benefits of the Tripletex integration:

  • Import all your clients from Tripletex to Uku with just a few clicks.

  • Import products & services and classificators to Uku.

  • Create invoices automatically in Uku and send them to Tripletex.

    • Link your responsible employee to the invoice in Tripletex.

If you use Tripletex to do your accounting, integrating Uku into your workflow takes just a few clicks. After connecting Uku to Tripletex, you'll be able to:

  • Import your clients, products and classificators from Tripletex to Uku

  • Make use of an extensive list of Uku features:

    • Workflow and task management

    • Time tracking

    • Reports

    • Monitoring

    • Billing

  • Generate invoices in Uku based on the work you have done for your clients and export the invoices to Tripletex.

Setting up the connection

  1. Open Settings & Apps

  2. Open the Tripletex app under the integrations section

  3. Activate the app

    • If you haven't activated the billing app yet, you'll be asked if you want to do it now. It is strongly advised that you do this. Then, Uku will not only import clients from Tripletex but also import products/services and classificators needed for billing.

  4. Open the 'Import' tab

5. Find the employee token in Tripletex and enter it into the marked field in Uku to authorize the connection.

Importing clients from Tripletex

You can start importing data after Uku has been allowed access to Tripletex.

  • Uku fetches your clients from Tripletex and presents you with the list.

  • You can decide which clients you want to import to Uku.

  • Click 'Confirm' to import the selected clients.

Updating data

Note: The client sync between Uku and Tripletex will go one way, from Tripletex to Uku.

If you've added new clients in Tripletex or updated existing ones, you can also update your client base in Uku.

  1. Open the Tripletex app tab 'Import' and click "Start import".

  2. Uku fetches your clients from Tripletex and presents you with a list of new and existing clients. You can decide which clients you want to add to Uku or update in Uku. Click 'Confirm' to import the selected clients.

  3. After a successful import, a pop-up with the import summary is displayed. Click 'View clients' to view the results of the last import.

Import products & services and classificators to Uku

If you haven’t already

  • activate the billing app under Settings & Apps

  • and set Tripletex as the connected accounting service

  • Navigate to the Product tab and import classificators if they haven't been imported already. This will also update the products and services list.

Create invoices automatically in Uku and send them to Tripletex

See how to use billing in Uku here.


  • Uku sends invoices to Tripletex as orders (preliminary invoices). You can find the invoices in Tripletex in the order overview list.

  • Update invoices status from Tripletex. You can also tell Uku to check your invoices daily and update their status in Uku. Uku will keep a tab on your exported invoices and flag them as paid in Uku. If an invoice is paid only partially, Uku will show it as unpaid. You can also manually update invoice statuses based on Tripletex status by again selecting the invoices you want to update.

  • Uku uses Tripletex invoice numbers.
    When the order is sent out from Tripletex as an invoice, Uku will update the invoice number in Uku based on the Tripletex invoice no. update happens once every 24 hours as part of invoice status update.

  • When you imported clients from Tripletex to Uku, you also imported their invoicing email to Uku. If you want to update or remove it, go to Client details -> Billing -> Settings

  • If you want to link your responsible accountant to the invoice in Tripletex, you can add their Tripletex employee ID on their member profile as an External ID.

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