How to create products?

Create products of the services your accounting firm is offering to your clients.

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To create products, open the Billing app in the "Settings & Apps".

First, you should start by inserting all the VAT codes, articles, and bank accounts you have in use.

Now you can move on to create products.

The name of the product/service should be informative, and it can always be changed when added to the client contract.

Fill in the fields that are needed to set up your system. For example, 'Product code' and 'Resource code' are useful only if you integrate them with some accounting software.

Quantity/product type can be either fixed price, based on hours entered to Uku, or piece price, taking the amount from the task custom field.

Additionally, you can also set up pricing based on some specific topic.

By default, the first day of the year is suggested as the product's start date. You can add more pricing periods for the same product; for example, the price changes during different periods.

If your pricing method is per piece, you can add different pricing for different amounts.

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