1. Select "App Store" from the main menu;

  2. Click on the "Billing" window;

  3. Select the last tab, "Settings."

Allow managers to view and create customer contracts and invoices.

Each client has one default member. Set whether they can create and edit client contracts and invoices.

Allow members to view and create their client invoices

If you want all members to be able to see and create client invoices, enable it here. When making this preference, please do it according to the work practices of your office.

Allow members to see their client invoices.

Allow members to see their client invoices. Members don't see the Billing app features by default. This will allow the member to see their client invoices on the Billing tab on the client profile but will not allow them to edit or adjust it.

Allow members to confirm their client invoice rows.

Allow users to approve specific billing lines on an invoice. To use this feature, please get in touch with Uku Customer Support.

Hide zero sum invoice rows

Keep the invoice visually clean and correct by hiding lines on an invoice with no amount where no work has been done in that period.

Update invoice status

Invoices can be updated manually or automatically. To update manually, you need to open the invoice and edit it, using the button in the top right corner. For automatic invoice renewal, you can set the time of day for the daily renewal here.

Email server

Configure the email server to get billing from the app to 100%. This will allow you to send invoices directly to Ukust customers.

1. Choose your email provider

- Google Gmail

- Microsoft Outlook

- Other

2. Fill in the following mandatory fields - if you select Other as server, you will have to fill in "server address", "port" and "security" manually, otherwise these fields will be filled in automatically.

- Server address

- Port

- Security

- Sender name

- Sender Email/Member name

- Password

3. Send a test letter to ensure the system is working correctly.

4. Save

If a separate email address is not configured, invoices will be sent automatically from the Uku server at Uku@getuku.com.

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