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How to create and use member groups?
How to create and use member groups?

Share tasks easily between your employees using member groups.

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How to create member groups?

You can create member groups in the "Members" view. By default, Uku creates two member groups: "All members" and "Administrators".

  1. Select "Members" in the menu

  2. Go to the "Groups" tab

  3. Click on the "Add group" button

  4. Name the group and add members

  5. Save

Three ways member groups are practical.

1. Teamwork

Direct a task to multiple employees at once. A task can be assigned to the employee currently available. Skill-based member groups like "Senior accountants" or "Assistants" are good helpers for effective teamwork.

2. Change of employees

Hand over tasks quickly and comfortably when an employee changes. For example, add the member group "Assistant" and associate a member with the corresponding tasks. If the assistant changes, you only have to change the member in the group, and the tasks are on the dashboard of the new employee.

3. Filtering by member groups

Sort data in the "Member" filter. You can filter information by member groups and members. This way, you can add employees to groups based on customer areas, experience, or other indicators and analyze the work productivity of different teams.

Membership in groups is taken into consideration when displaying tasks. For example, employee Merike belongs to the group "Assistants". When filtering by her name, the group's tasks are also displayed along with Merike's tasks.

Groups can be linked to both one-time and planned tasks. You can also use member groups to filter tasks on the dashboard, calendar, and report.

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