How to group tasks?

Sort tasks on the dashboard

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In Uku, you can group tasks on the desktop to organize them differently.

To group tasks, click on the three-dot icon and select how you want to group the tasks.

  • Group similar - tasks with the same topic and deadline will be grouped.

  • Group by clients - only the clients' names are displayed on the dashboard. Clicking on a client will bring up a list of their tasks.

  • Don't group - tasks are sorted by start date.

To quickly open the same dashboard in the future, you can save the grouped dashboard.

  1. Select the appropriate grouping method

  2. Click on the filter icon

  3. Click on the disk icon.

  4. Add a name to the filter and save it.

You can see and open the filter by moving the cursor over the "Dashboard" icon and selecting the appropriate filter.

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