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How to add a recurring task?
How to add a recurring task?

Add a recurring task to your client's task plan, so you don't have to re-enter the task.

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You can add a recurring task to the client's task plan by pressing the "+" button in the dashboard view.

In the task view, select the client you want to assign the task. Then, set the correct repetition. Add a name and topic to the task.

When recurrence is successfully added the task header will turn purple, to add a task to the plan, select "Add recurring task."

How to set up the recurrence for the task?

Weekly recurrence

With weekly recurrence, you can select the day of the week that the task will appear on your dashboard. You can also set whether the task will appear every week or at a specific interval – Every X week.

If you set the interval to 2 the task will appear on the dashboard every other week. To have a task that starts on Monday and Wednesday with due dates Tuesday and Thursday, add 1 to Plus days box.

If you don’t set a different due date than the start date, the due date will also be on the selected day(s) of the week.

Monthly recurrence

Select the start date from the left and due date from the right column. Start date indicates the date when the task appears on your dashboard, due date when it has to be done.
You can also choose what happens if your selected date falls on the weekend or public holiday. The options are: show before, show after, keep the date.

+ days rule – the due date is not on a specific date but on your selected (working) days from your selected start date or from the beginning of the month.

Quarterly recurrence

Choose start/due date to be either on the first, second or third month of the quarter and select the exact start/due date.
+ days rule can also be used for quarterly recurrence.

Yearly recurrence

Select both the required month and the day in the calendar for start and due date.
+ days rule can also be used for yearly recurrence

If you want to create a recurring task, click on repeat and choose custom.

How to check if a task exists in the client's task plan?

Select "Clients" from the menu or click the corresponding client icon.

While in the client's menu, open the corresponding client's profile by clicking on the client's name.

Choose "Plan" from the menu; the task is in the plan.

NB! Uku will add all recurring tasks to the client's work plan.

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