The "Time" view in the report shows when time entries overlap or have gaps. Such issues may happen by mistake, but also, for example, during lunch. However, it is not possible to do several tasks at once.

Overlaps and gaps in time records are displayed in the report with lines of different colors.

  1. Select "Report" from the main menu.

  2. In the report view, select "Time" from the top menu.

  3. Add the correct Member in the filter whose time records you want to see.

  4. Click on the "Time" menu in the report to put the time records in chronological order.

NB! You must select a member, and the time entries must be in chronological order for the lines to appear.

There are three different colored lines in the report:

  • Long black line - Separates tasks by day.

  • Green line - There is a gap between tasks

  • Red line - The time records of the tasks overlap, i.e., they were done at the same time

How to correct time entries?

Green line

Hold the cursor at the end of the green line and press the button with three dots. A drop-down menu opens, where you can choose how you want to fill the resulting gap.

There are three options for filling the gap:

  • Add to previous time entry - Add it to the previous task.

  • Add to next time entry - Adds it to the next task

  • Add new task. Clicking on it will open the window for adding a task, and the time entry will be the missing time between tasks.

Red line

Hold the cursor at the end of the red line and press the button with three dots, as with the green line.

There are two options to correct overlapping time records:

  • Cut previous time record - The overlapping part of the first task is cut out.

  • Cut next time record - The overlapping part of the second task is cut out.


At the end of each day, check whether the time entries in the report are correct. That way, you don't have to wonder what you did on a particular day at the end of the month. Save a filter selection to get to the right view quickly. To do this, add all the correct data to the filters and click on the diskette icon.

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