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How to postpone tasks?

Change the deadline for a task

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The start or end time set when creating a task may not always be the same as the reality. It is a good idea to postpone tasks to keep the dashboard clean. You can do it in two different ways.

Calendar view

Select "Calendar" from the main menu. In the calendar view, you can see the tasks by the date they started. To postpone a task, drag it to the day you want to continue. A box with a dotted line shows where the task is moving.

If you drag the task further then its due-date is, Uku notifies you by asking if you want to move the date.

In the task view

Open the task you want to postpone. Use the two mouse clicks to select a new start and end time for the task from the calendar. Save the change.

As a bulk action

Click on the two-tick icon above the tasks on the dashboard. Then select the tasks you want to postpone by ticking them. Once the tasks are selected, click on the calendar icon on the right side of the header. A drop-down menu will appear where you can choose the time that suits you best. Select the date you want and save the change.

Tip: If you need to frequently change a task's due date, it is a good idea to do it already in the client's task plan or template. Read more about how to change a client's work plan and task template.

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