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How to use time estimation?
How to use time estimation?

Set the time that the task is likely to take.

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The estimation can be added to the task, a plan, or a template.

By adding an estimation:

  • To a task - it only applies to that specific task.

  • To a plan - it applies to a recurring task in a specific customer plan.

  • To a template - it applies to all customers to which this template is added.

To add an estimation to a task, open the task, then click on the icon with the three dots in the right-hand corner and select 'Add estimation.'

An "Estimation" window will appear for the task. You can enter a time of choice or select it from the drop-down menu.

Estimating time in the client's task plan

  1. Select "Clients" from the main menu. Select the appropriate client from the list and open his profile.

  2. From the top menu, select "Plan"

  3. In the plan, open the task. A purple header means that it's a recurring task.

  4. Make sure you save the task after adding the estimation.

Adding an estimation to the template

  1. Select "App Store" from the main menu and click on the "Tasks" app.

  2. Select "Templates" from the top menu.

  3. Open the template where you want to add an estimation to a task.

  4. Open the task you want to add an estimation to.

  5. Add a time estimation and save.

Estimations help you organize your working day. The estimation is visible in the calendar view in the top right corner of the day. Same-day estimates are summed, so you can see how much time you're likely to spend on tasks in the morning.

By selecting "Set the estimated time for a task if the exact time is not entered" in the task settings, you don't need to enter a separate time for tasks if the estimation is available. Read more about setting up time tracking.

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