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Time measurement settings
Time measurement settings

Set the time measurement settings.

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You can configure time measurement in two ways - on a per-customer basis and a per-company basis.

Client-based time entry settings

The client-based time measurement setting allows you to set the mandatory time entry for client tasks. This means that a customer task can only be marked as done once time has been entered.

How to set time entries as mandatory for a client?

  1. Select "Clients" from the main menu.

  2. Select the client for whose tasks you want to set up time measurement.

  3. Click on the pen icon next to the client's name.

  4. Change the button to "Time recording is mandatory" to blue.

Company-based time entry settings

Two-time measurement settings can be defined on a company basis:

  • "Set the estimated time for the task if the exact time has not been entered" - the task must be accompanied by an estimate. Otherwise, the estimated time will be 0:00. If the time is not set, the task will be completed, but no time will be added. Read how to enter a forecast.

  • "Disable users from correcting journals" - members can't manually correct and enter task times. A time entry will only be generated based on a stopwatch.

How to change the company-wide time entry settings?

  1. Select "Settings & Apps" from the main menu and click on your company's box.

  2. Select "Settings" from the top menu.

  3. Activate or deactivate the desired settings.

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