How to add templates?

Thinking through and creating templates that meet your needs is a crucial step for a smooth workflow.

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There are several ways to set up a client recurring tasks plan. If you're working with a team, add templates under your company account so that everyone can use them as a basis for their plans. You can use the same workflows, themes, and custom fields.

To add a template, you need a company account. You can find the templates and how to add them by choosing "Settings & Apps" from the main menu and selecting "Tasks."

To add a new template, click "+ Add". The first thing to do is to give the template a name that describes it as well as possible. As it is possible to add several templates to one client, it is worth considering creating smaller modules.

Selecting the necessary modules will create a suitable plan for the specific client. For example, a separate template can be made for the annual report and set only for the clients for whom the yearly report must be prepared.

As a next step, you can use a template as a basis or start from scratch.

To add tasks to the template, you don't need to add a client or a member; the rest is for a normal new task. The tasks are recurring by default, as indicated by the purple header.

To add a one-off task, select 'Does not repeat' from the 'Start/Due date' menu.

The added template can be edited in the Tasks tool in the "Settings & Apps".

You can add templates to multiple clients at once. To do this, select 'Clients' in the main menu. Select the clients to which you want to add this template and click on the 'Edit jobs button. You can select the appropriate template from the list and save the selection.

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