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How to see and change the Flextime agreement?
How to see and change the Flextime agreement?
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After activating the Flextime app, Uku adds a new Agreement section under members' profiles. The agreement shows the expected number of working hours per week or month.

By default, the company agreement applies to all members. Administrators can change it with a personal agreement.

Members can have two types of agreements:

  • Company - company's default agreement

  • Personal - custom agreement (part-time, project-based, etc.)

Based on the agreement, the Flextime report displays the expected working hours.

How can I change the Flextime agreement?

Only Admin users can change the Flextime agreement. To change the agreement:

  1. Select Members from the menu.

  2. Open the profile of the member whose agreement you want to change.

  3. Go to the agreement section and click on "Change agreement".

  4. Press + Add agreement.

Fill in the fields and save.

If you have team members, that you would like to exclude from the flextime report you can make the agreement on 0 hours.

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