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Uku connects accounting with API 1.0, which allows you to easily pull information from Uku to other software.

The API is especially useful for companies using personal software or software not yet integrated into Uku. Convenient data exchange makes work even more efficient and data analysis easy.

Use API when you can’t find the integration you need.
Uku has integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, e-conomic, Companies House, Smart Accounts, 360 księgowość, and Merit Aktiva.

You can download tasks and time-tracking information to Business Intelligence (BI) solutions:

  • Tasks and related information,

  • Time entries and details.

  • GET members now also return to the groups each member belongs.

This way, you can analyze employee, service or customer profitability more comprehensively and plan work more efficiently.

Software developers can review the accounting API specifications here:

Uku public API is available to all Team and Enterprise package users. For API access, contact us at

What can accountants do with Uku public API version 0.9?

The first version addresses the most burning wishes of our customers, and the API adds billing integration options for external solutions:

  • pulling clients list and client details,

  • pulling client contracts and contract details,

  • pulling client invoices and invoice details.

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