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Merit Aktiva / 360 Księgowość integration
Merit Aktiva / 360 Księgowość integration
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Merit Aktiva (in Poland the name of the software is 360 Księgowość) integration allow you to automate many tasks (such as monthly summaries and billing).

In this article you will learn:

  • How to set up the integration

  • How to import customers from Merit Aktiva

  • How to set up automatic monthly summaries

  • How to deactivate the integration

How to set up the integration?

First, log in to Uku, select App Store from the menu and activate Merit Aktiva integration by clicking on "Activate". Once this is done, you can start reaping the full benefits.

How to import customers from Merit Aktiva?

Customers’ import to Uku is quick and convenient. You can also automatically update your data later with API keys.

  1. Start the import - there are two options for that

    1. Open the customer list, choose "Import Customers" from the three dots and select Merit Aktiva

    2. Open the Merit Aktiva app and navigate to "Import" tab.

  2. Give Uku access to import clients from Merit Aktiva

    Enter your Merit Aktiva email and password and start importing

  3. Choose how you want to set up API keys

    You have two options to set up API keys:

    1. Continue (reccommended)

      Uku automatically creates API keys for every client.

    2. Custom import

      Uku connects only with existing Uku API keys. TO use custom import option create API keys manually in Merit Aktiva before import.

  4. Wait until the import is completed

    When you have started the import you can close the import window and continue with other operations, it will not interrupt the import. You will be notified when the import is complete. For larger customer bases, the import may take up to 10 minutes.

    If you want to cancel the import, click on "Cancel".

  5. Confirm the import

    When the import is ready then click Let's go to see the list of customers transferred from Merit Aktiva.

    In the next view, you can remove clients from the list that you do not want to import into Uku. To do this, uncheck the client from the "Import" column.

    Clients who's register code in Uku and Merit Aktiva do not match, will be marked with a red cross in the list. Clients marked with a red cross are also imported to Uku.

    Click on "Confirm" to confirm the import.

  6. Start working with imported clients

    To work effectively with your client base, complete the following steps:

    1. Add primary member to every client. Read more ›

    2. Add task plan to automate recurring tasks. Read more ›

    3. Set up monthly summaries

    Note that in the client list the filter "Last import" is applied. If you want to see all clients you need to remove the filter.

3. How to set up automatic monthly summaries?

You no longer need to manually compile data for monthly summaries. Once a month, a summary of the customer's purchase and sales invoices, documents, and other entries for the previous month is sent to Uku, from which an overview report is prepared.

  • Open App Store from the menu and select the Tasks app

  • Create a new topic titled MERIT, close the app

  • Select the Merit Aktiva app

  • Click Settings

  • Set up the monthly summary‍:

    • Add a task title

    • Set the topic for the task you’re creating (MERIT)

    • Specify the recurrence and date the data will be imported

    • Configure the data fields by selecting the corresponding Uku fields from the additional fields.

If you don't already have the additional fields you want in your Uku company account, you can create them under Settings and link them with the import. Learn more about how to create additional fields.

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