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How to send emails in bulk?
How to send emails in bulk?

Send emails in bulk

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Sometimes it happens that you would need to send in bulk the same email to all or selected clients in Uku.

There is a way to make it happen.

  1. Open in Settings & Apps Tasks app and navigate to the templates tab

  2. Add a new template
    - give it a name

  3. Add one-off task

  4. Add email part to the task
    - choose the sender and the recipient to be the needed ones
    - add some kind of automation to the task, for example, 'Send an email right away when the task is finished'

  5. Save task template

  6. Open the client list and select clients to whom you wish to send the email

  7. Bulk assign template to the clients

    - Make sure beforehand that all the clients have needed contacts

  8. Open the dashboard search view

  9. Look up the tasks by keyword search, by using a topic or by other way to distinguish the needed tasks

  10. Bulk-select the tasks and mark them done

All emails have been now sent out to the clients!

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