January 2024

Improvements in client search

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  • Client search – You can search clients by their contacts’ names or email.

  • Emails – A recurring task with an email sent is now automatically considered to be in progress.

  • Companies House – The app and its client fields are now available for UK companies and disabled for everybody else.

  • Flextime and Calendar – Added national holidays for Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

  • Flextime – Members without an agreement in the selected period are not listed in the Flextime report and cannot take a Flextime vacation.

  • Client Portal – Clients can now adjust how they see dates, times and numbers in the client portal.

  • Client Portal – An app setting can now remove the file upload box in the client portal.

  • Client Portal – Client tasks without a due date are now considered overdue on the next calendar day from their start date.

  • Client Portal – Remaining logged into the client portal is now extended by 30 days after each successful login.

  • Client Portal – Notification emails sent to clients are now logged under task communication and client communication for a more accessible overview

  • Client Portal – Client portal preview is only possible by properly setting up the client portal first.


  • Magic Button – Members with user-level rights can create magic buttons.

  • Companies House – Uku now looks up only active companies from Companies House.

  • Payment – You can pay for Uku in US dollars.

  • Clients – Updated adding and editing client contacts experience.

  • Members – Inviter receives a notification when the invitee joins the company

  • User-friendliness – more user-friendly on lower resolution screens.

  • Tasks – Tasks whose parent recurring task has been deleted can now be opened again.

  • Tasks and Client Portal – improved using and showing links in task checklists, descriptions and comments/messages, both in Uku and the Client Portal.

  • Client Portal – Notification emails sent to client contacts by Uku are shown under task communication history as sent by the client’s responsible accountant.

  • Client Portal – Checklists of client portal tasks are now shared between Uku and the client portal.

  • Client Portal – Improved the look of emails under task communication and client communication and added a way to view them in near full detail as they were sent.

  • Integration – Xero integration remains active as long as it is used and no longer requires re-authentication for every activity.

  • Xero Integration – The customer’s email is now imported as the main contact.

  • Xero Integration – The customer’s mobile phone and phone are now imported as the main contact’s phones.

  • Emails – Placeholder contact_name in emails now uses the contact’s first name instead of the full name.

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