February 2024

Improvement in Xero integration

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  • Xero integration – Uku can automatically check Xero for invoices’ paid status and update invoices in Uku accordingly.

  • Report – View time entry gaps and overlaps of another team member.

  • Clients – Birthdays are essential and are now back as a contact field.

  • Emails – Task due date placeholder in emails now fully supports international date formats.

  • Companies House – Updating UK clients’ data from Companies House as part of importing them from an integration fills and updates all possible fields.

  • Client Portal – Preview client portal now also creates an example introduction task to convey the client portal experience.

  • Custom fields – Client and contact fields related to specific apps become visible upon activating the app and become hidden when deactivated.

  • Tasks – Set up one-time template tasks and create new tasks from these templates.

  • Menu – Save your preferred default view under any menu item to customise what you want to see when opening up, e.g. Client or Billing.

  • Projects – Save members in project fields as task assignees.

  • Web App – Save Uku as an app with Google Chrome and use it without a browser.


  • Integrations – Importing from integration remembers which clients you ignored and offers to ignore them in the future.

  • Integrations – Errors during background import of entries, documents or invoices from integrations now result in notifications sent to the client’s default member.

  • Integrations – Updated client import from Merit to play along with the latest changes in Merit

  • Integrations – Connecting a single client to Merit now correctly shows the integration as valid and active

  • Notifications – Temporarily hide sticky notifications.

  • Projects – When changing the project’s client, its tasks will also get moved under the new client

  • Emails – Automated email no longer sends when you update tasks where the trigger condition is in the past.

  • Calendar – Vacations/leaves of inactive team members no longer appear in the calendar.

  • Clients – Mandatory client/contact fields are now highlighted with an asterisk when adding or editing a client.

  • Clients – Uku now shows a warning when adding an existing client.

  • Billing – Improved user experience of VAT code/rate selection for a product or service.

  • Billing – Updating invoice status from integration can be used even for future invoices.

  • Billing – Uku now generates all needed invoices of a client contract that has had its recurrence changed

  • Billing – Customising a product for a client automatically opens it for price changes as well.

  • Billing – Fixed an issue where importing products from e-conomic or Xero resulted in some duplicate product prices.

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