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How to use document management in the customer portal?
How to use document management in the customer portal?
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Enter a URL link for the client that leads to the client's folder in the office's document management system, such as a Google Drive link.

If a link is available, the client can upload documents directly to the shared folder in the portal.

When the client logs into the portal, they should click on "Documents" and the shared folder between the accounting firm and the client will open.

In the example, a Google Drive link is used.

Digitisation of documents

You can define the email address in the client's digitisation system, for example,

To send client documents for digitisation, activate digitisation of client documents under company settings. You can then enter the email address to which you send the documents for digitisation on the client card.

If you are a user of Envoice, kindly use the email address generated by Envoice for the purpose of digitalization.

Now, the accountant can select "Digitise" under the task to send the documents to the digitization system.

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