If more than a dozen customers need to be added to the Uku system at once, it is wise to use data import. Remember that customers can only be imported under a Company account.

To import customers, you need to go to the "Clients" main menu and choose which account you want to add customers to (if you are a user under more than one company account). You can find the import option in the three-dot menu:

An XLSX file is suitable for importing data as a format.

1. Prepare a file with the necessary data

The table below shows what information can be imported into Uku.

Based on this, you can create a file with the desired columns and values. Not all fields need to be used.





Country: by code

nt. EE, SE, LT


Postal code

Client group

If necessary, assign a customer group to the customer. You must have previously created a customer group under Settings


Customer communication language. Estonian, english, lithuanian, latvian, norweigian, swedish, finnish, danish, russian

Client profile emblem

Three letters as a profile pic to identify the client I.e. Nor for Nordea. You can also change the colour of the block.

Client code

Main user: by email

Client's default user. Use the email entered in Uku

Main user: by name

Client's default user. Use the name entered in Uku


An entry that is added to the customer's notes

Client name

Register code


Active or inactive. If unchecked, the client is active

Time required?

1 - On

0 - Off

Topic is required

1 - On

0 - Off


Sample file

2. Once the data file has been created, go to the ‘Clients’ view in the main menu and click on the 3-point ‘Import Clients’ menu.

Click ‘Select File’, upload the previously created file and click the ‘Next’ button

3. Specify whether the first row is a column heading or whether the first row already contains the required information.
To do this, turn ‘First line is title’ on or off.

4. By selecting ‘+ Add static field’, you can enter the same value for all customers in the selected field.
- First select a static field and then define its content. For example, specify that the country of all customers is England, if it has not already been specified.

5. In the preview, set the value for each column in the Uku’s column from the drop-down menu

If you select 'Customer group: via selection' or 'Default user: via selection' to define the column, a modal will open in which you can confirm the previously entered value with the Uku value.

6. If the column headings are defined in the Uku client profile fields, click ‘Next

7. Then confirm the import by clicking ‘Run import

If for some reason you do not want to perform this import, click 'Rollback Import' before you are finished.

You can also use a file downloaded from an accounting program to import, the columns of which can be defined during import.

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