Set up monitoring as follows

  1. In the Client view, select Monitoring from the 3 points menu

  2. Enter the metric you want to monitor for each client and, if necessary, ± tolerance.

For example, configure: Total hours: 10 ±2.

In this case, the monitoring measures a range of 8-12h. The report shows the result as follows:

  • If the result is 5h, 50% is displayed in green

  • If the result is 10h, 100% is displayed in black

  • If the result is 15h, 150% is displayed in red

Keep track of the monitoring in the report

From the report, select the Monitoring tab and view the results by month.

For each customer, the report shows Status, which gives you an idea of whether the metrics for the client being tracked are suitable or should be investigated further.

There are 3 statuses:

  1. Green - All fine

  2. Orange - There is more space

  3. Red - Overflow

What kind of data can be monitored?

By default, you can monitor Additional Hours and Total Hours.

All additional fields with numeric input can be added to monitoring by activating monitoring for each additional field.

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