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How to use the Flextime report?
How to use the Flextime report?

The Flextime report provides a convenient overview of the members' work time.

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Members can see the difference between expected and actual work time in the Flextime report. The Flextime report always opens with the dates of the active period and the company account filter.

  1. Period - Currently active period. The length of the period is specified in the agreement (week/month).

  2. Task count - Number of tasks where members have logged time.

  3. Total - Total time logged by members.

  4. Agreed - Expected work hours defined by the agreement.

  5. Balance - The difference between the hours expected in the agreement and hours logged in the period.

  6. Decision - Decision made by an Administrator (Admins can approve or reject logged hours).

  7. Flextime credit - The difference in actual and expected working hours over all periods.

Approving and rejecting time entries

Admin users can approve or reject the time entered by users. Press the green tick to confirm and the red cross to reject. It is possible to add a comment to the decision.

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