How to use your calendar?
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The Uku dashboard uses the default to-do list view, but you can also add a calendar view showing a single week. It is possible to schedule tasks by week and day in the calendar.

You can open the calendar on the dashboard by clicking on the "Today" icon. The calendar can be closed by clicking on the icon again.

In the calendar view, dragging tasks by clicking on a task and dragging it in the desired direction is possible.

  • Up-down direction - move higher priority tasks up the list. When refreshing the browser, the tasks appear in the desired order on the dashboard.

  • To another day - Change the start time of a task by dragging it to another day.

To view two weeks at once, open "Calendar" from the main menu or click the "2 weeks" button under the small calendar in the left panel. It is possible to enter filters in the 2-week calendar and save the desired calendar. Read more about using filters here.

Note: A task may not be displayed on this calendar day if it has a different start time.

Tracked time and time estimation

Numbers will appear in the calendar's header when entering a time and/or estimating the time required for a task.

The number on the left indicates how much time has been run on the tasks that day. The number on the right indicates the time estimation added to the tasks. Clicking on the numbers will take the member to the report view, where the user can see the tasks timed that day and their estimated time.

Changing calendar settings

Select "Profile" from the main menu. Click the "Edit" button to the top right.

All the information added to the calendar can be adjusted in the settings.

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