In Uku you can create and plan tasks even when no client has been added. In case work is done for someone else, it is wise to add your client to the system. The client does not need to be a company, you can also enter the name of the project.

It's also possible to import your clients in bulk (read how).

To add a client, find "Clients" in the main menu:

Clients can be added to your personal account (if you work alone) or under your company's account. All users are allowed to add clients to the company account. If you already have a client with the same name or registration number, we'll notify you before adding.

Attention: it's not possible to move a client between the accounts so please make sure under which account you currently are. If you don't have a company account yet, consider adding it before adding any of the clients. Account is shown on the upper left corner of the Client's view:

After making sure you're doing it under a desired account, proceed to click on the adding button:

On the following page you're first asked to enter the name of your client (or project). Autosuggest will offer a list of company names from Companies House Register as you type. 

If you wish to enter more information about your client, click on "Show details and preferences". You can also choose to add or change all the information later.

In addition to company attributes you can also add your contact person(s) for this client:

If you're working in a team and adding client under company account, it's important that right people have access to the client. Company Account Owner will always have access to all clients under that account. By default also the Admin users are added. If you wish to grant access to more users, click "+ Add user":

If the user you want to grant access to is not under your company account yet, it's still possible to add them and they'll receive an invitation on their email:

Under preferences you have options to make topics and/or time entering mandatory for this client. By default the time entering requirement is switched on.

To save all entered data, click "Continue" and proceed to add tasks or a plan to this client. You can also skip the next step and your client has been added. You can find your client's list in menu under "Clients".

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