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What are custom fields and how to use them?
What are custom fields and how to use them?

Keep count on entered lines, workers etc.

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In your company account, you can turn on custom fields where you can enter, for example, the number of entries, records, or employees. Quit Excel and enter client-related numbers in Uku, so they are always easy to find!

You can also name and add as many fields as you need. The report will give you a convenient overview of all the numbers.

To add a new custom field select “Settings & Apps” -> “Tasks” -> "Custom Fields" click on the “+ ADD” button, a window will appear:

Provide a name for your field and select the type of field you wish to create - number, text, choice, or article.

Custom fields can later be renamed or if needed, deleted, but field type can not be changed. If field type is number, the field can be used in monitoring.
Custom fields can be "Required" fields, this field will appear in every new task and is mandatory to fill.

When a new custom field has been added it can be found under “More options” on the task window. 

Enable the needed custom field and fill in while completing the task by entering the value. 

Custom fields in report

In the report you can see the custom fields when clicking on the table squares menu and enabling the field you need. 

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