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How to monitor task status using custom fields?
How to monitor task status using custom fields?
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For larger jobs, it is important to know at what stage the job is. Uku has the perfect option for that to create a system with custom fields to show exactly what and how much of the task has been done.

Create a new custom field under Settings & Apps Tasks app and set the input type to “Choice”.

Description of job stages

  1. Figure out the different stages you want to write down

  2. Define each stage on a separate line

  3. Save your work

You can later edit the wording described in the additional field or change their order.

Using numbers at the beginning of each line is a good idea to get a sequential overview later in the report, as shown in the first overview image.

Use of custom fields

To display custom fields in a task, open the edit task view (if the task has already been created) and click “Custom fields”. If it is a recurring task, it is definitely worthwhile to display the custom field in the already scheduled task. To do this, edit the recurring task.

A list of custom fields that you have created opens, and you can select the process required for a specific task, in this example, it is the payroll annual returns.

More options for the use of custom fields

Why not use additional fields to define contract status?

In the report, table squares icon, select the custom field you want to display. By pressing the arrow of the additional field in the header, the tasks are sorted in numerical order according to the status of the additional field selected in the task.

If you use the options of this filter frequently in your report, learn how to save your report.

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