The main goal of Uku is to be a digital smart assistant, but for that, cooperation is needed. 


Have on your dashboard the number of tasks you can complete. When completing the tasks during the day, the evening will arrive with a clean dashboard. But how to make it happen?

  • In the morning, review the tasks on your desktop to make sure everything is written down. When all the tasks are in one place, it is easier to plan your day. 

  • Be honest with yourself - is the daily plan you have created realistic, and can you manage it? Unreal planning creates unneeded expectations and unhealthy stress. Take care of yourself and enjoy your workdays!

  • Postpone tasks that do not fit into your daily schedule.

  • Prioritise! Flag important tasks.

Why is using topics a good idea?

By using topics it is easier to group tasks - for example, every month on the 5th you need to send reminders to all the customers to provide you invoices. Not to have all these tasks by each client on your dashboard, you can group them so you can take them into work one by one. 

Topics also help you to find different tasks that have been done for a more significant project. For example, adding on different times and by different users a topic “Payments” you can find from the report how much time was spent in total for payment related tasks. 

Why should you use an estimated time?

You can enter time for the tasks manually or by using the timer. By entering estimated times for the tasks, you have an overview of how much time one or another task takes. Estimation is also shown in the calendar to make daily planning even better. 

Under the company’s account settings, you can set the estimation as time when marking the task done and the exact value has not been entered. 

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