Installing Mini Uku

Instructions for installing Mini-Uku.

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Mini Uku is a web-based interface that lets you take your desktop to other windows where you are currently working. Whether it's accounting programs or the Tax and Customs Board's website – your to-do list is always right in front of you in Mini-Uku.

How install mini Uku in Google Chrome.

To install Mini Uku, open “Settings & Apps” from the main menu and navigate to the Mini Uku through the options panel. Then click on “Install”.

The Chrome Web Store will open in a new window, allowing you to install Mini-Uku by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button. Installing Mini Uku is free.

A pop-up window will open, where you must click on Add Extension.

Congratulations! Mini-Uku has been installed and is ready to follow you wherever you go!

To open the dashboard, click on the small owl icon, which will generate a round (slightly larger) owl icon in the bottom right corner. Clicking it will take you to your dashboard.

To hide the dashboard icon, click the little owl again.

How to use mini-Uku as a web application on your computer desktop?

Once you have successfully installed mini-Uku and wish to use it as a web application on your computer desktop, open your browser's address bar and look for this symbol:

A new window will appear, click on "Install".

After a moment, you will find the Uku application on your desktop.

How to install mini-Uku when using Microsoft Explorer or Edge?

First, you need to search for the Uku application in the Edge/Explorer web store. Click on the three dots for that.

Then search for the Explorer Web Store, and look for the Uku plugin using this address

To download, follow the instructions as described in the Chrome guide.

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