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How to add one template to several clients?
How to add one template to several clients?
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Occasionally, due to changes in the law or internal processes, many or even all clients need to be assigned the same task. In Uku, this can be done en masse for selected clients or for the entire client base at once.

Open the client list, select the clients to whom you want to add the desired template, and click “Edit jobs.”

Select a Template, User, and add Template

If you want to add tasks for clients of different users, select clients by user, and Add Template.

Tasks can also be assigned to the default client user. To do this, select “Default User” from the list of users, and the tasks under the template will be listed under each client assigned to the default user.

If you select “Replace plan with template,” the previously created plan will be replaced with a new template. This can be used if you want to start with a clean page – create a blank template under your company account and replace your existing plan with a blank template. You can then start adding new scheduled tasks without having to delete old ones one by one.

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