How to use filters?

Show only relevant information and create your ideal dashboard

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To design the dashboard of your dreams, you can add filters in Uku. Filters are available in the dashboard, calendar, report, monitoring, and billing views.

Filters on the dashboard

To activate filters, click on the filter icon.

  • Time - Tasks valid for a specific period

  • Status - by status, e.g., overdue, done, to-do, etc.

  • Topic - tasks on the selected subject

  • Client - selected client tasks

You can add filters by clicking on the "+" icon. When you click on a filter, it will appear with the other filters and can be removed if necessary.

  • Account - tasks added to the selected company

  • Important - tasks marked as important, read more.

  • Extra work - tasks marked as extra work, read more

  • Recurring task - tasks marked as recurring, read more

  • I Follow - tasks you have been added as a follower, read more

  • Commented - Tasks that have a comment attached to them, read more.

  • Tracked time - tasks for which time has been run, read more.

  • Estimated - tasks with a forecast attached, read more.

  • Delegated to - Tasks that have been delegated to you by others

  • Delegated by - Tasks you have delegated to others.

Once you have added the appropriate filters, you can save the filter selection to return to it quickly.

Saving a filter selection

  1. Click on the floppy disk icon.

  2. Add a name to the filter selection.

In the report, you can choose to whom the filter selection will be saved. This way, you can save the filter selection for a display to the whole company.

You can see the saved filter selection by holding the cursor in the main menu on the view you saved to. In the current example above, "Dashboard."

Filters in the calendar

Filters in report

Filters in monitoring

Filters in billing

It is not possible to add filters yourself under billing. Company, period, and client group can be adjusted. The filter options can be saved.

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