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How to mark tasks as important?
How to mark tasks as important?

Separate tasks with higher priority from others

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Some tasks are more important than others. There is a simple way to distinguish between them in Uku. For example, you can add a filter to show only important tasks on the dashboard. This way, you can start with the most important tasks in the morning and leave the other tasks for later.

How do I mark a task as important?

Open the task you want. You can do this from the dashboard, calendar, client, task plan, or template view. Click on the flag icon, and the task is marked as important.

How to mark multiple tasks as important?

  1. Click on the two-tick icon above the tasks on the dashboard.

  2. Select the tasks you want to prioritize.

  3. Click on the flag icon.

Filtering important tasks

In the dashboard view, click on the flyer icon.

Under the "+" sign, you can select the filter you want. Select "Important".

Click on the floppy disk icon to save the desktop showing the important tasks. Enter a name for the filter, for example "Important tasks" and save.

You can see the saved filter selection by holding the cursor over the 'Dashboard' in the main menu.

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