Deadlines can be set for both single and repeat tasks. For this, you need to tick the “Due date” option. 

When you add a single task, the current date is proposed by default, and it can be changed from the calendar to the right. The deadline can also be specified by time:

Attention! If recurrence has been added to a task, due date options are also suggested based on the interval at which recurrence is selected. Therefore, when adding repeating tasks, it is best to first select the recurrence and then the due date.

For monthly recurrences, the deadline can be selected:

a) by date, with the option of displaying the deadline earlier / later if the day designated turns out to be a day off;

b) by the number of days elapsed from the start time of the task or from the beginning of the month

By default, the selected workdays are counted from the beginning of the month. If you wish, the deadline can be set depending on the start date:

You can also change which days are counted.
a) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays;
b) Monday to Friday, including public holidays;
c) all days are counted

For a weekly recurrence  

The weekly recurrence is related to a specific day of the week, and so in terms of the deadline, only the time can be set when the task should be ready.

For quarterly recurrence 

If the task is repeated quarterly, the deadline can be set by selecting the appropriate month, date, time, and whether the task will appear before or after the day off.

It is also possible to use the “plus days” rule, where the deadline can be set to depend on the start time or the beginning of the month.

For annual recurrence 

The annual recurrence allows all options to be used for setting the deadline.

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